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Our First CFL Is Over! Now What??

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in some way for CfL this weekend past. Whether you worked on a project, helped to spread the word, sponsored a writer or artist, or cheered on your friends, the contributions of every one of you are very much appreciated.

If you worked on a project for which you had sponsors, you might want to contact those sponsors, if you have not already, to inform them about how your project went and remind them of the charity you're supporting. CfL is running this year completely on the honor system, so individual participants need to follow up with their sponsors.

If you'd like to share how your project went on the community, please do! You can find the posting format here. Just a gentle reminder that we are asking that projects not be posted to the comm, but a link instead. This frees us from having to impose content restrictions on participants or figure out a rating system and ways to handle adult content. You can find more information at the link above.

Finally, we hope to continue CfL on an annual basis. If you'd like to help out as the project expands, please comment here or email me. This isn't a commitment, just an expression of possible interest. We won't be getting started for a while yet, most likely, in planning for next year, but if you think you'd might be interested and want to find out when we start next year's plans, please do let me know.


Just a quick heads-up...

... that my art request post is now up here and here. Presuming anyone actually wants something and doesn't see my entries anyway. There are still four three slots left, so if by any chance you always wanted to have That Scene From Your Fanfic illustrated in my fairy-tale-ish style, this is your lucky day.

(I hope this is okay? Otherwise let me know and I'll delete. :))

EDIT: Ok, all full now! \o/ Thanks for playing!

Lyra's CfL project(s)

Participant Name:
Lyra/ Christiane

lyraforeniel (at) hotmail (dot) com

Sponsorship Details:
As my contribution consists of different parts, sponsors can choose between a couple of options. For the garb projects, I don't necessarily require sponsorship; however, if anyone wants to make a flat donation to their cancer-related organisation of choice for any or all garments I manage to finish during the project, that'd be cool. Sum and charity are up to the sponsor(s), as long as it helps the fight against cancer!
For the artwork project, I ask that anyone who requests something make a flat donation of at least $5 (or the corresponding sum in their respective currency) to their cancer-related charity organisation of choice.
Alternatively, money-less contributions are also welcome, such as volunteering time with the ACS or a related charity, or getting swabbed with the DKMS, etc. Just let me know which way you go. :)

Project Description:
I am going to use the weekend for working on (pseudo-)historical garb. More specifically, on Friday I will work on and hopefully finish a 15-th century woollen gown that I've been working on for a while. On Saturday I will make garb for my husband (so he doesn't have to go to fairs and markets in mix-and-match leftovers ;)). I hope to get breeches, a shirt and a tabard done, but as I am doing all my sewing per hand, I may not get quite so far. We'll see!
I'll describe the project at more length, along with progress updates and the like, at my shiny new garb-making journal, stonewashedgarb. I'm nowhere near as professional as Roisin was, but I'll do my very best :)

Additionally, on Sunday I will put up a post at my normal journal and at my deviantArt account where the first five people to reply (and sponsor ;)) have a chance to request artwork. I won't, however, produce any of the artwork this weekend; instead, I'll keep that until the greater part of my finals is over (i.e., until December 5th) so the work will be finished and sent out between Christmas and New Year's. (If that doesn't comply to the CfL Rules, please let me know; but I understood that something like this would also be ok?)
Further specifications will be given with the request post.

Looking forward to the weekend!
Participant Name: Pink Siamese

Contact:  the.pink.siamese@gmail.com

Sponsorship Details: I'm going to sponsor myself by donating $20 to the American Cancer Society.

Project Description: In honor of Roisin's profession, I'm going to spend my weekend designing, drafting, and sewing a garment. I haven't decided exactly what yet and I'm definitely open to suggestions!

Independence1776's CfL project

Participant Name: Independence1776

Contact: LJ PM

Sponsorship Details: A flat donation of $10 to whichever anti-cancer charity you choose.

Project Description: I will be writing a minimum of five hours on my NaNoWriMo novel. During that time, I hope to write ten thousand words with an end goal of reaching 30,000 words on Sunday.


Say it with icons!

If you create for life ...

If you sponsor someone for Create for Life ...

If you support Create for Life ...

JunoMagic's Create for Life Project

Participant Name: JunoMagic

Contact: juno@magic.ms

Sponsorship Details: My project consists of three parts. Sponsors can choose how many parts of the project they want to support.

Project Description: I have decided to return to my old fandom "The Lord of the Rings" for next weekend in honour of Lady Roisin's favourite fandoms, "The Silmarillion" and "The Lord of the Rings".

And now I am looking for sponsors and supporters for three small projects:

  • Friday I want to spend writing a new chapter for my WIP "The Return of the Shadow". So if you've been waiting for many months for a new chapter, this is your chance: Please support Create for Life and sponsor this new chapter!

  • Saturday I plan to create a medieval-style illuminated manuscript of my short story "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes". If you support Create for Life and sponsor this project, you will receive a version of this manuscript either as eBook in pdf format or as a printed booklet via snail mail.

  • Sunday I am going to write a new chapter for my WIP "Another Choice". Again, if you've been hungering for a new chapter of this story, please support Create for Life and sponsor this project!

If you'd like to sponsor me, please leave a comment here or send an email. If you want to receive an eBook of "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes", you must send an email. If you want to get the printed booklet of "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes", your email must include a snail mail address!

I'll post updates for my projects on my blog, Buzz, and Twitter – so even if you can't donate at the moment, you can still support Create for Life and cheer me on!

ETA: I have also made some special icons for participants, sponsors, and supporters – see next post!

Dawn's CfL Project

Participant Name: Dawn "Felagund" Walls-Thumma
Contact: DawnFelagund@gmail.com

Sponsorship Details: I will be writing for 24 hours straight (with allowances for breaks and food and other such conveniences :) on Saturday. I am seeking sponsors who would like to sponsor me per 1,000 words that I write or with a flat donation to the American Cancer Society. (For example, if you sponsor me for $1 per 1,000 words and I write 12,000 words, then you would make a $12 donation to ACS.) My personal record for most words written per day, currently, is 10,000. However, I've never tried writing for 24 hours straight before! I'm aiming for a goal of about 15,000 words.

Project Description: A few years ago, I was a member of a gaming group and had to make up a backstory for an original character. The story got away from me a little bit and turned into something that I thought would make a great longer work. Unfortunately, with working and attending university, both full-time, my time for taking on novellas and novels is nonexistent. Yet the story has stuck with me, so I'm using CfL as an opportunity to at least get it started.

In the story, a community has found a way to isolate themselves from the rest of the world using an illusion that makes their thriving city appear to be nothing more than a run-down forest. As a result, they have benefited greatly from not having to assist with the problems plaguing the world at large. Every year, children are selected as guardians of the illusion that protects the city. My story follows one such guardian through the moral, political, and personal struggles that come with such a life.

If you're interested in sponsoring me, please leave a comment here or send an email to the address above. If you're commenting anonymously, don't forget to include contact information where I can reach you! :) I will be updating my Facebook page and LiveJournal with my progress throughout my marathon, so even if you can't sponsor me, please feel free to stop by cheer me on! :)

My Project

Participant Name: Lucy Stone
Sponsorship Details: Please go to http://www.firstgiving.com/lucystone for donations to the American Cancer Society, and to http://www.justgiving.com/Lucy-Stone0 for donations to Cancer Research UK.
Project Description: Nanowrimo novel

Hi! I'm a fanfiction writer, mostly on DeviantArt, who is trying out Nanowrimo for the first time, and would very much like to help raise money for British and American cancer charities while I do so! Please help encourage me to go on scribbling by making a donation to my fundraising page! My blog on DeviantArt will give you more information if you'd like to get involved http://ls269.deviantart.com/ Thank you!

We're on Facebook!

I would first of all like to welcome everyone to Create for Life and thank you for your interest and support! I'm Dawn, your other comod around these parts, who has been somewhat absent lately due to school and other life chaos. Please do feel free to contact me, though, with any questions about the event.

As the post title suggests, Create for Life is now on Facebook! I'll be posting announcements there as well as here.

Thank you to everyone who has gotten the word out about Create for Life. That is really the biggest help to us right now, as we're going this alone and both of us with our share of real-life obstacles at the moment preventing us from spending the time on promotion that we might like. But this was a dream of Roisin's and we're determined to keep forging onward! :)

So--does anyone have ideas for projects yet? Please do share!